ecoya xmas candle box

Ecoya “eco-luxe” bath, body & home fragrance products retail worldwide.

The project involved the creation of a luxurious, high-end box to package the limited edition “Caramelised Fig” scented candle, specially released for Christmas.

The design of the packaging played with the idea of creating a wrapped box, like a Christmas present with a ribbon wrapped around it.

It required making multiple dummies of the box to find the best way to wrap the standard box die shape with a ribbon. The solution combined embossing, metallic ink and varnish. The same metallic ink was then used on the candle name tag. Both were then finished using Ecoya branded wax-effect seals.

The project has been showcased by Victionary Press (Hong Kong) in their International Design Compendium “Gold & Silver” January 2013.

Agency: One Design